# DruxtJS Site

The DruxtJS Site module provides a simple out of the box, decoupled Drupal site experience.

# How it works

The Druxt Site module provides a Nuxt module and a Vue.js component, which when installed will communicate with a Drupal JSON:API backend to determine what Blocks and what Drupal content to render.

# Features

The following modules are installed and configured by the Site module:

# druxt (opens new window)

The Druxt module is the core component and theming system for DruxtJS.

  • Adds Druxt component.

# druxt-blocks (opens new window)

The Block module adds support to render Blocks, Regions of Blocks and custom content blocks.

  • Adds the DruxtBlock, DruxtBlockRegion and DruxtBlockContent components.

# druxt-breadcrumb (opens new window)

The Breadcrumb module uses hierarchical path data from the Druxt Router module to render a themable breadcrumb.

  • Adds the DruxtBreadcrumb component.

# druxt-entity (opens new window)

The Entity module uses the Druxt Schema module data to render Entities and Fields in Nuxt using Drupals Display mode and formatter system.

  • Adds the DruxtEntity and DruxtField components.
  • Adds entity support to DruxtRouter.
  • Adds a collection of Field components.

# druxt-menu (opens new window)

The Menu module adds support for full Drupal menus via the Drupal JSON:API Menu items (opens new window) module.

  • Adds the DruxtMenu component.

# druxt-router (opens new window)

The Router module communicates with the Drupal Decoupled Router (opens new window) module to determine what Druxt component to render the route data.

  • Adds the DruxtRouter component.
  • Adds a wildcard DruxtRouter page to the Nuxt router system.

# druxt-schema (opens new window)

The Schema module builds View and Form schemas for the required Entity Display modes to be used by the Entity module.

# druxt-views (opens new window)

The Views module communicates with the Drupal JSON:API Views (opens new window) module to provide Drupal Views support.

  • Adds the DruxtView component.
  • Adds view support to DruxtRouter.
Last Updated: 12/17/2020, 10:44:18 PM